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Reasons Why You Need to Consider a Digital Marketing Strategy

Times have changed, from advertising by the newspaper, radio, and tv towards creating a digital presence online. It has become vital and necessary for a company’s stability and growth in today’s day and age. Social Media isn’t going away and exponentially growing every year.

Social Media


3.3 Billion


Active monthly users throughout Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

of the Canadian population is active on social media.

Search Engine Optimization




of searchers do not go pass the first page result, reinforcing the need for a solid SEO strategy.

of customers begin the purchasing process with a search engine.

Facebook Advertising


22.37 Billion

2 Billion

of revenue from FB ads in North America in 2016.

active monthly users on Facebook.

Google AdWords


57.8 Billion


of Google Ad revenue in 2016.

72% of business using Adwords plan to increase their PPC budgets. Studies show businesses make an average of $2 for every $1 they spend.


Facebook Advertising

Hyper-target your ideal audience to maximize your advertising efforts with FB ads.

Google Adwords

Generate sales and increase traffic by positioning your business on top of Google search.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a long term strategy that helps your business gain higher ranking on search engines.

Social Media Management

Build trust with your clients by having a strong social media presence.

Email Marketing

An email list in invaluable. They are an extensive asset to directly reach your customer and develop customer loyalty.

Why Companies Choose Rise

Our Mindset


The RISE team is comprised of relentless individuals, who bring unmatched passion and ambition to the table every day. There is no task that is impossible for us. We thrive undertaking new challenges and take pride outworking the competition.

Our Strategies


With our innovative strategies, we feel there isn’t an obstacle we can’t overcome. We help provide solutions to the common dilemmas that keep business owners up at night. We are on a constant daily mission to out-do ourselves and push the barriers of creativity.

Our Collaborative Effort


Positivity is the driving force of our brand and is a staple of our culture. We choose to be more than just an agency but an integral part of the client’s team.

Our Client Satisfaction


We will stop at nothing to deliver the results our clients are looking for and desire. Nothing brings us more satisfaction, because in the end the client’s success is our success.

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